A Confession

Well, there it is. This is my life. I am either coming or going. Now I am going away again and my preparations for my journey have begun. I am determined to travel light this time, but as I look around at the things piled around, I still cannot avoid a fair amount of baggage. Some of this will be offloaded at my destination, so the trick is to come back with less. But knowing myself, I will end up filling my suitcases with bread flour and instant yeast and little gadgets and gewgaws and scented soaps and chemical-free shampoos, and even the odd cooker.

However, I have given up my love of most objects now, and anything I buy is mostly in moments of madness – when I am either feeling blue or bored – when I am driven to acquire something I do not want very much. The good thing is that I set myself limits so that I can indulge without being profligate. The bad thing is that whatever I buy is generally too big to fit in my suitcase. So I end up desperately trying to fit things wherever I can while being at the receiving end of a sound scolding from R and A who are far too pragmatic for me. At least A is, I remember R trying to somehow pack his racquet which he had acquired without realizing it was just an inch too long to go into his box. But pack it, he did , and fortunately it arrived safe and sound.

Fortunately and to the satisfaction of R and A I have now run out of things to buy, whether at home or abroad. Even Amazon, eclectic as it is, has nothing to offer me now. The balance I have just added to it is an act of optimism.

5 thoughts on “A Confession”

  1. I think the idea is that you need to keep throwing away old stuff and cleaning up, and making space for the new stuff you get.

    Also, you forgot to mention books!

  2. Take pictures of the 80 lipsticks and 20 foundations and 10 cookers etc that you already have, so you can have a visual reminder of how much stuff you already have and why you don’t need more

  3. Well, I came back from my trip with my bags far too heavy though well within baggage alllowance limits.Most of the weight came from the flour and the miraculously paraben-free shampoos and conditioners. There were also the odd gadgets and oh yes, the large pans , which make A despair of me. But truth to tell I would have preferred smaller pans but they come in American sizes- the smallest is our large.
    Then there were the books, as always.

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