Being Nice – No Apologies

I have thought about it hard and long and have decided that I have nothing to apologize for, in my life. I may not have anything to be proud of, a career, a great education, money or success in my personal life, but I have something that matters far more to me – my children, who have all grown up into wonderful human beings – which makes me truly happy. They are smart, intelligent, well-educated, and successful in their careers, but that is not what I am talking about. Anybody can be all that and more.

What I am really proud of is the fact that they are generous in spirit, compassionate and loving towards all. I am also proud of the fact that I have done nothing to make them that way but that it comes to them naturally. It always has, since their childhood.

Looking back at our own lives, it is surprising that we grew to be perfectly nice people without being terribly successful, amidst difficult times. But I think that is enough for me. I would rather be a nice person (ergo, a “loser”) than a “winner”.

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