Loud Equals Happy

It is bad form to start a post with a question I think. But I would really like to know why we in India think the louder we are in a social situation the happier we must feel. I don’t share this feeling and I am quite sure that most people who are not part of that agree with me fervently. But put them in a similar group when a wedding or a birthday is being celebrated, they would not dream of saying No to amplifiers (in an open area) or even dream of turning down the volume, as the speakers blare out highly inappropriate and raucous Punjabi music – which happens to be the rage now – at the birthday party of a one-year old.

Every now and then people have open air parties in the park in our building and invariably the music is turned on with a thumping beat, even before the party begins. That is the DJ getting his act together before the people walk in. After an hour of this, while we timorous souls cower under the auditory assault, the regularly aggressive people start registering their protests over WhatsApp and magically, the word goes out and the volume of the music goes down. I have no doubt that the party-givers imagined that they were only spreading their happiness all around and were miffed that there were those who were not suitably grateful. Perhaps they should have tried to send over the goodies to all the people in the building. But nah!

Tomorrow is New Year and the music has already begun in the park. I generally prefer to sleep through New Year’s night  but every year it is difficult because of the park party and the firecrackers set off at midnight all over the city. Today no one will complain – maybe – because it is a building party and those who have paid 300 rupees each will want their money’s worth.

While they listen to their Kaala Chashma and the remixed Humma Humma, I shall try to pull the covers over my head and ..try.. to.. sleep. But I pray it won’t be Bulleya..

2 thoughts on “Loud Equals Happy”

  1. People should be allowed to make as much noise as they want as long as they install a soundproof box around them. “Right to peace and quiet” ought to be a fundamental right. 😀

  2. People are allowed to be as annoying as they want to, as long as I am allowed to shoot them. At least with a long range air rifle.

    They make fun targets anyway in all that party lighting.

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