No, Not More

Things have come to a pretty pass if we are horrified to find five hundred rupee notes in our inadvertent possession. (One thousand rupee notes were never plentiful in our house.)

We searched through the cupboards full of sarees for any stray notes tucked away behind clothes. I was in the habit of doing that to provide for a rainy day. Not too long ago, R would have been delighted when I managed to find a few hundred rupee notes in times of need. But now we hoped we would not come upon any such riches unless they were hundreds.

I opened the little yellow wooden box to find a wad of them. There were a couple more at Sai Baba’s feet in the mandir. The envelope in the mandir contained several more that had been set aside for Shirdi. We added them to the pile of notes to be deposited in the bank. Sai would get the newly minted currency, not the feared OHD (Old High Denomination) notes.

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