First Day On My Blog

After having come up with this spur of the moment title for my blog I have realized that many people have thought of it before me. Essentially it means that there are many people out there who, for some reason, think they are qualified to talk about anything and everything.

Am I qualified too? No, but I am keeping this title only because I have a curiosity to know about anything and everything. I also believe in thinking a lot but talking is a difficult thing for me to do before an audience. You may say that thinking is nothing but talking to oneself. Why, yes, so it is. But in talking to oneself, one is not committed to anything. It is an ongoing debate and one is free to take up diametrically opposite positions at different times!

So what is this all about? Just that I may put down random thoughts or impressions at irregular intervals. Even those brilliant things that come to me at night, provided I remember them in the morning!

Hello there!

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